Doesn’t Everyone Hate The TAX OFFICE?

by Michelle on April 18, 2009


Every small business owner that I talk to hates The Tax Office.


Because they say we have to pay tax and report to them regularly AND as a responsible business owner we don’t have a choice!

Guess What… You can choose how to view this situation!

If your bookkeeping and accounts are up to date, the reporting pressure is minimized radically. If your accounts are up to date (creating a positive cash flow) the payments are much easier to manage.

Now that you have these things under control you are able to start looking forward using the same figures you just reported to the tax office. By reviewing the last few reports you gave them you can start to see some trends in your business. You could even start trying to set some financial goals for the next reporting period!

Once you have done this you are on your way; you have started taking control of your business – It is no longer controlling you! And this is only the beginning!


Your Choice

It is up to you…

“choose to think of their requirements as an opportunity“?

smart-pigWe are never going to get away from paying taxes, but let’s learn how to use it to our advantage.

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