I can do it… All By Myself

by Michelle on April 20, 2009

Wow! Overwhelmed with your to do list? overwhelmed-help

Don’t have one because you don’t know where to start? This is one of the most common issues small business owners face. Sure, you have it all in your head but, you remember stuff every time you get in the car, sit down to relax or try to go to sleep at night.

This is a time management issue.

Lets look at our to do list:

Which things on here can SOMEBODY ELSE do?

Yes, you are going to have to pay them. Look at it this way, this is what they are good at and that is why they are able to do it for you.

How much is your time worth?

It will take you at least twice as long as someone else who is a specialist to do that job.  This lets you do something else that is on your to do list that you are more equipped to do.  Now, you have completed two things on your to do list in ½ the time and for ½ the cost.

Is it to hard to get someone else to do something for you because they don’t know your business and how you do things?

Invest your time once to teach them, as they are a specialist you should not have to do it again. Now, you should be on track to not having to do that horrible thing that you are no good at again. You will have the benefit of the completed information and this could be something you need to do another task on your list.baby-contruction-ladder1

All of these are what I call Baby Steps,

As soon as you get started on them they become history,

You are less stressed and accomplishing

You are taking control of your business.

It’s All About The Money

by Michelle on April 19, 2009


“Money is a great servant but a terrible master” P.T.Barnum

In times of doubt, think of the acorn. An ancient symbol of abundance; Nothing great is achieved overnight, and all things start small.

“Never get trusted (lent) money; but if thee gets trusted for anything,let it be for manure, because that will help thee pay it back again.” old Quaker saying


I had an experience this week that has left me gob-smacked!

We had a builder come and quote on some flood damage to a downstairs room. Now apart from the flood damage this room needs some serious attention. Being the eternal optimist I was excited; what a great opportunity to fix this room up! I was going to have a builder and tradesmen on site – perhaps they would want to turn this into a decent job!

The Builder showed up…What a DROP KICK! All he wanted to know about was the damage!

This job is going to be a pain in the bum for him and he does not even want to discuss the possibility of what else could be done.

He looked up at the ceiling (THERE ISN’T ONE) and said, “Well, that is not covered by insurance…”


I never expected insurance to cover the rest of the work!

I asked him about fixing the tank that leaked and created the flood in the first place. Again, “Insurance won’t repair what caused the damage, but will fix the damage”  He had the opportunity to bring a plumber in on the job as well.

Now I’m thinking, “Do I have to use this guy because the insurance sent him?”

Value Adding can take some lateral thinking, it might be stuff you already do, The Only Thing he had to do was have an open conversation. I would have PROBABILITY spent twice as much as the insurance claim as well as made the job worthwhile to everyone else involved.

He could have been a solution.

Isn’t that why customers have contacted you, us, them? At the end of the day aren’t we providing them with a solution to their problem? As soon as you realize this Value Adding gets easy.




Doesn’t Everyone Hate The TAX OFFICE?

by Michelle on April 18, 2009


Every small business owner that I talk to hates The Tax Office.


Because they say we have to pay tax and report to them regularly AND as a responsible business owner we don’t have a choice!

Guess What… You can choose how to view this situation!

If your bookkeeping and accounts are up to date, the reporting pressure is minimized radically. If your accounts are up to date (creating a positive cash flow) the payments are much easier to manage.

Now that you have these things under control you are able to start looking forward using the same figures you just reported to the tax office. By reviewing the last few reports you gave them you can start to see some trends in your business. You could even start trying to set some financial goals for the next reporting period!

Once you have done this you are on your way; you have started taking control of your business – It is no longer controlling you! And this is only the beginning!


Your Choice

It is up to you…

“choose to think of their requirements as an opportunity“?

smart-pigWe are never going to get away from paying taxes, but let’s learn how to use it to our advantage.