Why are we in business?

by Michelle on April 2, 2009

box-skyI’ve got a one word answer: Lifestyle

What is the difference between having a job and having a business? What exactly do I mean?

We need to work on our businesses so that we can create the lifestyle we desire.

Lifestyle can only be determined by what you decide your lifestyle could be, what you want?. For me, it is time.

Time to take my son surfing, to go on a date with my husband, piano lessons, swimming lessons with the babies, time away for family weekends. Money does let me do these things differently but TIME is actually what allows me to do them and this in where the satisfaction is.

So the questions we really need to he asking ourselves is: How can I organize my business to give me more time?

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Brendon April 4, 2009 at 2:39 pm

Loving the info.
Great stuff.

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